Patioland uses the Shademaster roofing system to supply and install a wide range of pergolas designs for patios and custom awnings. Choose your ideal pergola roofing in Sydney from pitched roofs, flat roofs, opening roofs and domed roofs. You have full control over the roofing materials and systems, such as flat, pitched, gable or combination systems.

In addition to single-skin roofs, we also offer insulated roofing panels that are designed to suit all decks and patios, patio enclosures, pergolas and gazebos.

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The Shademaster

Patioland uses and recommends the Shademaster, perfect for pergolas for the following reasons:

  • The W-Pan profile offers better structural integrity than flat profiles because it uses more material per square metre
  • The energy from the sun hits the roof at different angles, setting up small amounts of circulating air which results in less heat absorbed by the surface

Impressive Features

Our pergolas, aluminium patios, and custom awnings feature:

  • The potential for large spans up to 5.48m in 0.48 single-skin roofing and 9.5m in 135mm aluminium insulated roofing
  • 1° of roof fall for added head height
  • Heat reduction and reliable insulation


All Patioland-installed pergolas are backed by an all-inclusive the Shademaster guarantee.


The 3-stage process is applied as follows:

Pre-Treatment: Hot alkaline cleaning of the metal substrate followed by roll-on application of a chromatic-conversion coating, inhibiting corrosion and improving paint adhesion.

Primer: A specially formulated flexible polyester primer, designed for flexibility and corrosion resistance, is applied at a nominal thickness of 5 microns.

Finish Coat: The finish coat is based on a polyester–resin system designed for superior exterior durability and flexibility. All the pigments used to impart colour are designed to have a high level of exterior durability. This topcoat is applied at a nominal thickness of 20 microns, and then oven baked.


The above primers and paint are applied to the metal by roller coating, which is an accurately controlled application with consistent tolerances (far superior to powder coating).

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Installing a pergola design for patios will increase the value, usability and comfort of your home. The  Shademaster produces one of the finest and most durable coatings available on the market.

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