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Entertaining in Cold Weather

Entertaining in Cold Weather

Summer parties are the obvious go-to when it comes to living in Sydney, but who said that outdoor parties have to stop when the colder months settle in? With the right adjustments to your covered patio or pergola, you can host the perfect outdoor party even in the winter.



Your summer patio furniture is perfect for the summer time, but a few adjustments may be needed in the colder months. Depending how cold it gets in the winter, you may wish to invest in cushioned seating and blankets to help keep your guests warm as they sit around and socialise. This is also an excellent opportunity to decorate according to a winter theme.


Warm Foods

Winter foods are an excellent way to keep your guests warm and having fun. Whip up some comfort foods, play around with spices, and serve hot homemade food your guests will love. Even if you’re gravitating more toward finger foods, try a baked brie instead of a cheese plate, warm dips, and hot mini sliders or pastries.


Hot Cocktails

This is the perfect opportunity to try out all of those hot cocktails or mocktail recipes you’ve been wanting to make. Mulled wines, hot ciders, hot chocolate, hot toddies, and more, the list of possibilities is endless. Your guests will thank you for whatever hot recipe you decide to serve up.


Install a Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is the epitome of winter time luxury, and it makes for the perfect addition to any patio that you want to be utilised all year round. With an outdoor fireplace, your guests will be warm, plus it makes for a beautiful aesthetic focal point to really bring the entire space together.


Patio Heaters

Similar to what you see at outdoor restaurants during the colder months, outdoor patio heaters are a great option when it comes to outdoor winter parties. You can invest in hanging heaters that provide heat around the borders of your patio or pergola, or you can get space heaters that can be moved to where they are needed.


Get a Hot Tub

With the sun setting earlier in the day during the winter months, it’s important to have outstanding outdoor lighting to keep your party illuminated and lively. From deck lights to overhanging lanterns, the options are endless and available for any style preference.


Host a Great Winter Party Thanks to Patioland

Hosting the perfect outdoor winter party can be fun. For tips and services to help make your outdoor space more inviting, call Patioland on 02 9831 3899 or fill out our online enquiry form today.

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