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Transforming Your Patio For Seasonal Changes

Transforming Your Patio For Seasonal Changes

If you love spending time outdoors, whether it be long hot summer days or rugged up starry nights, it’s important to prepare your patio to be able to handle changes in temperature and seasonal conditions.

Luckily by following some good practices and making some key preparations, it’s possible to make the most of varying weather conditions and extend the life of your patio.

Here at Patioland, we’ve been in the patio business for over 35 years. We’re passionate about designing quality patios and making sure they’re providing the best value to our customers.

We’ve put together this blog to go through some simple tips that will help our customers be ready for any seasonal changes, and enjoy that great outdoors right from their very own backyard.


Patio Covers & Deck Roofing

If you don’t already have one, a patio roof provides the best level of protection year-round and will equip your patio to cope with any seasonal changes.

A covered patio will provide protection against all elements and when enclosed will allow you to stay cool and comfortable all year. Patio roofs can be designed to suit the aesthetics of your home and come in a variety of stylish and functional options such as pitched roofs, flat roofs, opening roofs and domed roofs.

Further information on Patio covers and deck roofing can be found right here.


Make Sure You Thoroughly Clean

Without regular maintenance it’s very easy for dirt, grime, cobwebs and leaf matter to build up.

Letting such objects build-up will not only affect the look of your patio but could also mask the need for repairs or the onset of insect infestations.

Use a wide soft broom to give your patio floor and underside a good sweep, focusing on corners and under furniture where dirt could have piled up. You can also wipe your patio structure and outdoor furniture and fittings with a damp cloth, using a mild liquid cleaner. Remember when cleaning to approach things safely and appropriately, using any step ladders or other additional equipment.


Check for Damage

Once you have cleaned your patio, this will give you a much greater chance to determine whether any further repairs are necessary.

For any small repairs or touch-ups such as tightening loose screws or staining your timber floor, you should be able to do these yourself, but remember to first obtain any further advice if necessary.

For anything more involved such as repairing holes or potential structural issues, we recommend getting in touch with a professional handyman, they should be able to advise any further specific steps that are necessary.


Protect Your Outdoor Furniture and Fittings

If your patio isn’t covered the lull between seasons represents a good opportunity to store or further protect your outdoor furniture and fittings. While some outdoor furniture has been built from materials like powder-coated steel and wicker, and is made to be weather-resistant, over time it can still suffer from the effects of wear and tear.

For any items that are not weatherproofed and are only used in certain seasons, it’s recommended they be stored away in a cool dry place and ready for use next season.

For any remaining items, there is a range of sturdy protective covers available for everything from tables to BBQs. These sturdy covers provide a great level of protection and work to extend the useful life of outdoor furniture and fittings.


Go Green

Plants are a great way to bring life to your patio, with the right selection you can create a tropical oasis and an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

To counteract the effects of different seasonal conditions, you can grow seasonal flowers, herbs and vegetables in containers on your patio. You can also plant surrounding hardy shrubs and other plants in planters and hanging baskets. Using moveable planting solutions gives you the freedom to change the look and feel of your patio, and you can also move your plants around to take advantage of more favourable conditions.

Going forward as the seasons change remember to prune back where required and give any potted plants a good feed with a liquid fertiliser.


Assess Your Heating Options

Depending on the time of year, and as colder weather sets it, it’s necessary that you have appropriate heating options. That way you can enjoy extended outdoor living time and your guests will be much more comfortable.

There’s a range of options available from movable fixtures such as a firepit or an outdoor heater to more permanent solutions like an outdoor fireplace. Note, that firepits are not permitted and should never be used in an enclosed patio. When making your choice you should consider your current patio setting and the likely use of your outdoor space.


Use the Right Lighting

The right lighting can enhance both the mood and ambience of your outdoor space. In this area you have a range of options available and you can utilise the existing structure of your patio for increased effects.

For a light touch, you can use table lamps or candles, while for a greater effect and a more permanent solution you can hang string lights or install lighting fixtures on your patio that can be further controlled by a dimming switch.

When deciding what type of lighting to use make sure you factor in the season of the year. During summer months, you can make the most of any solar technology available, while for colder months you will need more lights to provide greater illumination.


Plan for Festive Seasons

A patio can be the perfect place to entertain guests and celebrate special occasions. To make sure your patio is ready for festive gatherings, there are a few things you can do.

First, as mentioned before, give your patio a good cleaning, by sweeping up any leaves or debris, and power washing any dirt or grime that has built up. Once your patio is clean, you can start to decorate. Depending on the theme, you could string up some lights for Diwali, add a few spooky Halloween decorations, or put up a Christmas tree.

You can also add some furniture to make your guests more comfortable. Outdoor rugs and cushions will help to create a cosy atmosphere, and tables and chairs will provide somewhere for your guests to sit. With a little bit of effort, you can turn your patio into the perfect party space.


In Australia we’re susceptible to all types of seasonal changes. From long hot summers to chilli rainy nights, there’s a whole gambit of weather conditions.

In order to make sure your patio is prepared for any seasonal changes it’s necessary to perform a few simple preparatory steps. As a starting point, if you don’t already have one, you should strongly consider getting a roof to cover your patio. This is the best way to ensure year-long protection from the elements.

From a maintenance perspective, make sure you regularly clean your patio and check for the need for any repairs. If any repairs are necessary, make sure you first consult with a professional before processing. You can also protect your outdoor furniture and fittings by covering them with sturdy covers.

Depending on the season, make sure you use the appropriate heating options and create the right ambience with a range of lighting solutions. You can also add decorations and extra furniture to make the perfect setting for festive celebrations. Finally, you can really make your patio go green by planting a range of seasonal flowers, herbs and vegetables.

We hope this blog has been informative, and that you’re now armed with the right information to prepare your patio for whatever mother nature can throw. If you’re after any further advice on any matters patio related, don’t hesitate to contact the experts here at Patioland.

We have extensive experience successfully designing and installing award-winning patios.

When you come to us, we’ll spend the time to get to know your unique requirements and then devise a patio solution that’s just the right fit for you.

For any of your Patio needs, why not contact us today?

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