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Five Considerations to Extend Your Patio Season

Five Considerations to Extend Your Patio Season

The quintessential Australian summer is a fun filled time, full of wonderful experiences, often centered on lazy long pleasant days, relaxing on our patios. There’s the yummy BBQs, the neighbourhood get-togethers, not to mention the quality time with the family. It almost makes you wish you could enjoy the pleasant conditions and entertainment space all year round.

Well with some well thought-out actions and tweaks you could bring your patio to the next level, and fully enjoy your outdoor entertainment area all year round.

Here at Patioland we’re experts in the field, we’ve been successfully designing and installing award winning patios for more than 35 years. We’ve composed this handy guide to help you extend your patio season and bring that summer feeling all year round.

Heating and Cooling

Intermittent weather can both limit the time and make it hard to enjoy an entertainment area. However there are actions that you can take to create a more pleasant environment.

There are some products and furnishings out there that can be placed in strategic positions to minimise unpleasant weather conditions, these include; outdoor patio heaters, fans, gas fireplaces, and insulated roofing panels. Each of these has a different price level and provides a source of heat or cooling from a different focal point.

The option providing the greatest level of protection are insulated roof panels, they will keep an area cool in summer and warm in winter, delivering an overall comfortable atmosphere. If you would like more information on insulated roofing you can check out some of Patiolands’ great products right here.

Depending on your particular circumstances one of these options will be more appropriate than the other for your patio setting. We recommend engaging the services of a patio expert to help you determine what temperature controlling solution is the best fit for your patio.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to bring your cooking experience to a wider setting, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor kitchen. These days by extending gas and electricity connections, it’s possible to get quite a comprehensive outdoor kitchen set up.

An outdoor kitchen can feature everything from a sink and bar fridge, to stove tops and smokers.
By having this set up outside you no longer have to go back inside to bring out supplies, and you can create an all-encompassing cooking experience, where you entertain your guests as you’re preparing your meal.

Additionally any cooking smoke is released outdoors and does not linger within your home.

Opening Roofs

An opening roof is an excellent way to give you greater control over the elements. Even during summertime depending on the position of your home, continued direct exposure to sunlight can make parts of your patio not pleasant areas to be for an extended period of time.

Installing an opening roof gives you great flexibility for you to decide exactly how much direct sunlight you want to let in your patio, and also gives you greater control over natural heat.

To learn more about how Patioland can assist with your requirements, you can check out our Open Roofs page right here.

Outdoor Blinds

The most efficient way to, in effect, turn your patio into a fully enclosed area is to install outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds allow you to close-off your patio area, providing you with maximum protection against the elements and even keeping those pesky bugs away.

There are a variety of outdoor blind products available in the market to suit all budgets with products at the premium end providing the greatest benefits. The beauty with this option is that it can actually improve the look of your patio, providing an overall sleek, and ultra modern style finish.

Digital Services

Perhaps the ultimate way, especially if you ask the kids, to get the most value out of your patio area is by installing some modern devices to give you a complete entertainment experience.

You can install outdoor TVs and even a surround sound digital audio system, giving you complete control on what content and sound level to be enjoyed by your family and friends. From your favourite tv shows to the latest songs you can provide your guests with the ultimate digital entertainment area.

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Patios can provide the perfect setting for quality family time and the focal point for a great entertainment experience. When there’s good weather you can freely enjoy this space till your heart’s content, however with intermittent weather conditions and the onset of colder climate, this can greatly limit the time you have to enjoy this area.

Rest assured, there’s a few steps you can take to not only create a more controlled environment, but also bring your entertainment game to the next level. Depending on your budget and particular setting there are various options available.

To make sense of it all, and help you select what option will best suit your particular circumstances you need the services of a patio expert. Here at Patioland we’ve got you covered, we’ve been successfully designing and installing patio solutions to suit the Australian climate for over 35 years.
We offer a customised service, where we’ll work with you closely to design and implement the perfect outdoor entertaining area to compliment your home and extend your patio season.

For any of your patio needs, and to get the most out of your outdoor entertainment area, why not
contact us today.

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