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How to Select the Right Insulated Wall Panels for Your Patio Enclosure

How to Select the Right Insulated Wall Panels for Your Patio Enclosure

Looking into installing a patio with insulated wall panels, but not quite sure where to start? Here, we’ll unpack a few important considerations to be made when selecting the right insulated wall panel solution for you.

First, ask yourself what matters most to you and your patio project. Is it aesthetic? Durability? Location? Do you have a particular vision that you would like to see realised?

Ideally, when building your insulated patio, all of these factors should be kept in mind.


Consider the big picture!

Building a patio is a great way to extend your home, and when you add insulated wall panels, it can become an extra room!

Insulated patios are incredibly flexible outdoor living spaces. It could be your new morning coffee spot, a welcome change of scenery for when you take work calls and/or a place to cook outdoors and entertain guests.

The best part about patios with insulated wall panels, is that they add privacy while still allowing you to spend time outdoors. Insulated wall panels will reduce the opportunity for sound to carry – meaning that your private conversations stay private and you won’t have to battle as much noise from surrounding neighbours and streets.


How do you want it to look?

There are a number of styles, designs and materials to choose from when selecting insulated wall panels for your patio.

These can range from more sleek and modern designs such as flat or ribbed profiles, to more industrial designs, as seen in some of the metric profiles.

You can also choose whether you’d like your panels to have their inner and outer layers made from steel, aluminium and/or GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic).

Then, there’s the question of colour! Of course, you’ll want the overall aesthetic of your home and your patio to tie together in the style that suits you.


What external factors do you need to consider?

Where is your patio going to be located? What kind of weather conditions will your insulated wall panels have to withstand?

Insulated wall panels vary in terms of the materials used in their construction. This means that some will be more suited to your needs than others.

For example, think about where you live. Are you in an area that receives a lot of rain or wind? Alternatively, does it get incredibly hot where you are? If strong weather conditions are a factor, you may be more inclined to choose insulated wall panels with an expanded polystyrene core (EPS-FR), known for their durability and often have built-in fire-retardant.

On the other hand, if your home is near busy streets with lots of traffic and noise, you might consider insulated wall panels with a mineral wool (MW) core, which has a greater sound absorption capability.


Need help deciding?

While gathering information on all these elements, ensure that any material or installation provider that you’re working with is communicative and insightful. Be sure all your questions are being answered and that you are working together to create an insulated wall panel solution that matches your needs and budget.

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By Patioland Info | August 1, 2020 | Blog