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Insulated Roofing Solutions

Insulated Roofing Solutions

We all want to spend more time outside. However, the harsh Sydney summer means it’s sometimes more comfortable to stay indoors with air conditioning! With an insulated roofing system, you can get more out of your patio area. With heat-reflecting technology, an insulated roof can prevent your outdoor patio area from heating up during the day, even under direct sunlight. Insulated roofs are suitable for all patios, decks and pergolas, and are available in a huge range of styles and designs.

Stay Cool and Comfortable All Year Round with Insulated Roofing

During those long summer days, the direct sun can turn your patio cover into a giant radiator! By the time you’re home and ready to relax outdoors, your patio is unbearably hot. With an insulated roofing system, you’ll never experience this discomfort again. At Patioland, our insulated roofs are installed using the world-famous Naturelite Inserts. With weather tight patented clips and Nitrile Foam inserts, you’ll be comfortable all year round, no matter the weather.

Insulated Roofing in a Huge Range of Colours and Styles

When considering outdoor renovations, many people assume an outdoor covered patio won’t fit in with the style and design of their home. Insulated roofing is available in a huge range of colours and styles. Whether you live in a Californian bungalow or a Tudor style home, there’s bound to be roofing style and colour to accentuate the features of your house.

A Low Maintenance Choice

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their patio roof! Aside from being time consuming, any time spent up a ladder means you could be at risk of falling. An insulated roof is a set-and-forget option for your patio. With a high gloss finish, dirt and grime simply washes away in the rain. Insulated roofing systems are the ideal choice for those in humid climates. With heat reflecting technology, an insulated roof can help reduce mould or mildew from developing. This saves you time, money and stress in the long term.

Insulated Roofing is Strong and Durable

Weather is unpredictable. From sunshine one minute to rainstorms the next, it can seem impossible to predict what the day will bring. That’s why it’s important to weatherproof your outdoor areas. Insulated roofing is one of the most hardwearing choices for your patio experience manufacturing outdoor living products for Australian homes. For more information on insulated roofing, give us a call today on 02 9831 3899.

By oemteam | October 15, 2018 | Interview