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Louvered Pergolas: Why Your Home Needs One

Louvered Pergolas: Why Your Home Needs One

Our decks and patios can provide an ideal entertainment area. One can enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors, right outside our very own homes. However with intermittent weather, our outdoor leisure time can often be cut short, sending us scampering indoors until conditions improve.

There’s one roofing solution that can save the day. Louvered Pergolas are able to transform an outdoor living space into a truly pleasant environment, providing protection all year round. They offer a number of functionality and flexibility benefits that we’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t install one earlier. 

Here at Patioland we’ve been successfully designing and installing Louvered Pergolas for more than 30 years. We provide a tailored service that will address your unique requirements and give you levels of unrivalled convenience.

Let’s find out more about Louvered Pergolas and how they can make the perfect complement to your home.

What Are Louvered Pergolas

Louvered Pergolas are a unique roofing solution that have been engineered to withstand tough Australian weather conditions. They provide a protective environment for additional living space, creating a seamless flow from your home right out to your well covered patio.

Louvered Pergolas consist of a series of slats that can be opened and closed based on the weather. They provide you with the flexibility and convenience to adjust the level of shade and air, creating a pleasant environment for you to enjoy. Let’s go through some of the many benefits they provide.

Protection against the Elements

Australian conditions can at times be unforgiving. During peak summer there can be periods of extreme sun, and throughout the year we can experience high levels of wind and rain. This is where a Louvered Pergola can make all the difference, this type of roofing solution provides an excellent level of protection against the harshest of elements.

During the hot sunny days, louvre roofs offer excellent shade throughout your designated area.

Since they are made of high quality aluminium, they are highly reflective and provide effective protection of your space from light and ultraviolet radiation. As the panels are able to be adjusted, you can even angle them to provide both shade and airflow, without hindering your view. 

During stormy weather or heavy wind, you can completely close the roof system and protect your contents such as outdoor furniture from these harsh elements.

Control Heat and Light and Increase Your Comfort

Outdoor temperatures can fluctuate a lot, one moment they provide ideal conditions, while not long after they can force us to take cover inside. A Louvered Pergola system gives you the flexibility to adjust your conditions to achieve your desired level of comfort. You have the power to open the louvers to the angle you like, thus giving leverage over temperature levels, fresh air, and shade.

This level of flexibility is of great benefit throughout changing weather in the year. Unlike other roofing solutions which provide permanently fixed shade, a Louvered roof can be adjusted. During winter months you can adjust the louvres to let more sun in. During summer months if it’s too hot outside, you can keep them fully closed and experience great convenience in your extended outdoor space.

A Louvered roof is also an effective way to adjust air circulation. As you can adjust the slats of your louvre roof, you can open them fully or partially if you need some fresh air. This feature is very useful for homes that are close to the sea which can experience high wind levels.

Automated Operation

Unlike solid covered patios which are permanently fixed on, Louvered pergolas can be modified by the simple press of a button. This ease of operation provides both flexibility and convenience that are unrivalled.

You can even take this automation to the next level by installing additional weather sensors (such as automated rain sensors) that operate the roofing system automatically based on the weather conditions.

As an example, if you have left your louvres open and you’re away from home. If it gets too windy or it starts to rain, weather sensors will close the louvres by themselves. You don’t have to rush home to close your louvres, it’s all taken care of for you.

Built to Last

Louvered Pergolas are manufactured with strong materials for durability and are built to last. They are made with non-corrosive aluminium which will not rust, and have been tested to stand up to the toughest of Australian conditions. This is particularly useful in seaside conditions where rust can be an issue in certain building structures.

Even when exposed to heavy rains or strong sunlight, Louvered Pergolas are more than up to the job, providing ongoing protection for years to come. By choosing such a superior product you will also save on replacement costs that are associated with other cheaper but inferior outdoor shelter options.

Complements the Look of Your Property

Finally Louvered Pergolas combine high-quality components with easy-to-use designs to produce the perfect complement to your home.

There are a variety of design options available which can complement the architectural features of your home and enhance its overall appeal. Installation of this modern roofing system can actually even increase the resale value of your property.

If you’re after some examples of how Louvered Pergolas can complement the appearance of your home and nature outside, you can check out some of our work right here.

Louvered Pergolas are a versatile roofing solution that can totally transform an outdoor living space.

They are built to last with high quality materials, and provide comprehensive protection against the elements. This roofing solution gives you the ability to control levels of heat and light within your designated area, and can be easily operated at the press of a button.

If you’re looking for an expert in Louvered Pergolas, look no further than Patioland. We’re an award winning business that’s been designing and installing quality roofing solutions for more than 30 years. We’ll take the time and effort to assess your particular requirements, and come up with a Louvered Pergola that perfectly complements the architectural features of your home and enhances its overall appeal.

If you have any questions on Louvered Pergolas why not contact us today.

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