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Summer-Proofing Your Outdoor Areas

Summer-Proofing Your Outdoor Areas

Start preparing your outdoor areas for summer before the silly-season strikes. Chances are when the warmer weather hits, your yard is going to see a lot more use. Australian summers come with many challenges, but with a little bit of summer-proofing, you’ll be prepared to take on even the harshest conditions. It’s important to start thinking about summer-proofing your outdoor areas now so that you’re not caught out when the temperature spikes.


UV is a harmful type of radiation from the sun. On the index used to measure the intensity of UV rays, readings above 11 are considered to be extreme. In a Sydney summer, readings regularly reach 12-14 or higher. UV could see you or your summer barbeque guests looking like a bunch of cooked prawns – and your skin isn’t the only thing that can be sunburnt. Sun damage can cause wooden patio furniture to splinter and paint and stains to fade, leaving your outdoor entertaining area looking less than impressive.

The best way to protect yourself and your entire outdoor area this summer is to create shade. It is as simple as installing an insulated patio cover. The shade master blocks out 100% of UV rays while allowing plenty of natural light through, so you can enjoy the best of the sun with none of the damage.


Sydneysiders aren’t the only ones who like to get out in the warmer weather. You might find your summer parties being gate crashed by mosquitoes. Luckily, there are many options to keep these uninvited intruders away. Candles and coils can cover a large area, while having a can of insect repellent on hand will keep your guests from suffering bug bites. If these deterrents sound too smelly for you simply plug in a fan. There are also a number of products available that promise long lasting protection from all manner of creepy-crawlies. If the thought of sharing your space with critters has put you off the great outdoors completely, there’s always the option of getting your vitamin D without venturing out of your sunroom.

Does Your Outdoor Space Need Insect Proofing?

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