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4 Reasons Why Clients Always Choose a Pergola With Roofs

4 Reasons Why Clients Always Choose a Pergola With Roofs

Pergolas are a beautiful and convenient addition to any outdoor home area. They are perfect for gatherings of families and friends, particularly as we start moving into the warmer months of the year and we come into barbeque and pool-party season!

When you start looking into designs for your new pergola, we strongly recommend that you consider choosing one with a roof.

Roofed pergolas offer the most ideal set up for your outdoor living experiences, and we’ve put together a few reasons why!


Avoiding Direct Sunlight Outdoors

One of the most important reasons to choose a pergola with a roof is to make it a space where you can sit outside, without being directly in the sun.

The Australian sun can get pretty harsh through the summer months, so it’s a great idea to have a spot where you can enjoy the outdoors without risking getting sunburnt.

The best part is, pergola roofs can be designed in a way that still gives your outdoor space lots of light, without you needing to be directly in the sun. Louvred or latticed pergola roofing designs are particularly good for this!


Avoiding the Rain Outdoors

Not only do pergolas with roofs keep you out of direct sunlight, they also offer protection from the rain.

This is particularly useful when you’ve planned to spend time outdoors, or host an outdoor event, and the weather doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain. Rather than having to pack up and run inside, you’ll be able to gather around the barbie and stay under cover come rain, hail or shine (literally!).


Child-Friendly Space

As roofed pergolas offer added protection from Australia’s weird and wonderful weather, they make great outdoor play areas for the kids.

You could set up a paddling pool or a ball pit for the kids to enjoy and have peace of mind knowing that they are under cover and safe from the elements.

Our customers with kids always go with a roofed pergola option, as it’s a great way to create a stylish, versatile space that is also child-friendly.


Useful for all activities

Pergolas have become increasingly popular over time as they are such a valuable addition to any outdoor living area. Furthermore, pergolas with roofs enhance comfort and adaptability, creating an all-weather, multipurpose space for you and your family.

If you’ve taken to working from home, you might use your under cover pergola as a change of scenery in the form of an outdoor office area. It can also act as a private place to take calls or have personal time away from the main house.

On the other hand, roofed pergolas are also great for hosting! Whether you’re having a dinner party or a game night, it’s important that your guests (and the meals/games on the table!) are sheltered from the outside elements.

These are just a few reasons why our customers always choose roofed pergolas for their homes. With so many designs available, you can really personalise your outdoor living area in a way that best suits your lifestyle!

Choosing a pergola with a roof is the best way to create a versatile space, protected from the elements, for you and the whole family.

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By Patioland Info | November 2, 2020 | Blog