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Four Leading Patio Roofing Products in Sydney

Four Leading Patio Roofing Products in Sydney

If you’re looking into extending your outdoor living area, you can’t go past a patio. There are a number of patio roofing styles to choose from, so it’s good to do your research before you make any big decisions.

Have a think about how and when you’re going to use your patio. Your lifestyle and what you want from your outdoor set up should tie into the patio design you ultimately choose.

To help you kick off your research, we’ve outlined four leading patio roof products in Sydney. If you need some help working out which one is best suited to you and your home, have a chat with one of our friendly consultants here at Patioland!


Insulated Roof

A great investment for your patio is insulated roofing. This ensures a comfortable temperature in your patio at all times, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter!

Patios with insulated roofs allow for more opportunities to upgrade, such as adding ceiling fans and lights. This is due to their designs accounting for concealing electrical wires safely. These stylistic and functional additions can really make a difference in the space!

If you are installing an enclosed patio, insulated roofs are a great fit. As they assist in regulating temperature; insulated roofs can reduce the cooling costs in your patio space.


Insulated Gable

Not all insulated roof panels for patios are the same! The ‘gable’ shape and design is particularly popular for several reasons.

The high ceiling and pitched roof of the insulated gable makes for better ventilation in your patio, as well as increased natural light. This extends the time you’re able to use your patio and is one of the main reasons why the gable is often chosen over older style, flat-roofed designs.

The gable roof not only enhances comfort in your outdoor living space, their modern and sleek design looks great too!


Electric Opening Roof

If you’re looking for something more versatile, consider installing an electric opening roof.

Electric opening roofs diversify the ways you can use your outdoor living space, as you’re not limited by unfavourable weather conditions. The versatility offered by opening louvre roof systems makes them the perfect all-rounder – meaning you can make good use of your patio, whatever the season!

The adaptability of an electric opening roof also gives you more control when it comes to how you set up your outdoor living space, so you can have it exactly how you want it. Experience the outdoors in complete comfort, with a patio roof that’s a little bit fancy!


Single Skin or Gable Single Skin

The single skin roof can be flat or gabled and describes patio roofing that is made up of just one layer of steel.

The advantages of the single skin patio roof design is that they’re often cheaper and faster to put up due to being lightweight. The single skin roof is also very durable and easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance.

This style of roofing is specifically designed to reflect sunlight, so it’s a great option for keeping your patio nice and cool in summer months. On the flip side, this means that the single skin roof is not as efficient at retaining heat during colder seasons.

The single skin patio roof comes in both flat and gable styles.

Investing in a patio diversifies your outdoor living space. They’re a great place to host family and friends, enabling you to experience the outdoors in complete comfort.

With a number of roofing options to choose from, it’s important to think about how and when you’re going to use your patio area. Compare each product and their features to your lifestyle and see which one suits you best!

If you’re looking for some advice on the right patio design for you, our consultants here at Patioland are always keen to help! Contact us online today!

By Patioland Info | December 3, 2020 | Blog