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Four Reasons Why You Need A Qualified Builder To Build Your Patio

Four Reasons Why You Need A Qualified Builder To Build Your Patio

Building a patio is a big (and complex!) project. It’s not the kind of project to take on by yourself, or with a general handyman who doesn’t specialise in patios and outdoor living spaces.

There is a lot more to building a patio than may meet the eye, with a tonne of possibilities to explore when it comes to location, materials and design. When you embark on your patio journey, you’ll thank yourself for working with a qualified builder. Not only do they bring valuable insights and experience to the table, they can also offer warranties on their finished product.

We’ve fleshed out a few reasons why you definitely need a qualified builder to build your patio!


Design Compatibility

Qualified patio builders have been around the block (quite literally) and have seen and built a diverse range of patios. This means they’ll be able to make insightful and relevant recommendations about the design of your outdoor living area.

A good, qualified builder will ask you about your ideal patio aesthetic, and how you want it to tie in with your personal style and the rest of your home. They’ll also spend time assessing the prospective patio area to get an understanding of how the lay of the land may affect or interact with your design.

This will help your builder understand what kind of style and materials to recommend, in order to ensure the design of your patio is compatible with that of your home.


Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are second-nature to qualified patio builders. This is because they’ve undergone stringent processes to acquire a builder’s licence from NSW Fair Trading. Carrying this licence requires being familiar with (and adhering to) NSW building legislation and best practices.

Qualified builders also understand the parameters set by local councils and any limitations that go along with them. They will ensure you understand how council regulations affect your build, and in some cases, will even manage any approval processes that go along with your project.

Hiring a qualified builder is the right move for your patio project because it grants you peace of mind. Qualified builders are accustomed to following safety protocols and council guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about them!


Experienced Patio Builders

When it comes to patio building, there’s nothing that quite compares to hands-on experience. Working with a seasoned patio builder brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the table that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Builders who’ve spent many years perfecting their craft often provide a higher quality of work. This is usually down to a combination of being passionate about what they do and applying what they’ve learnt from all the other patio projects they’ve completed!


Warranties and Guarantees

One of the best things about working with a qualified patio builder is that they are able to offer warranties on work carried out. This is a great indication of the high quality materials used by licenced builders as well as the confidence they have in their craftsmanship.

When you’re working with qualified builders, you know you’re in good hands. Professionals will set realistic expectations at the beginning of your project so that you know what to anticipate in your finished product.

Hiring a specialist who is able to give you guarantees on your completed patio project takes the uncertainty out of the equation, so you can spend more time enjoying your new outdoor living space!

Engaging a qualified, experienced builder is the best way to make sure your patio project is a success. Not only are they able to give you sharp advice based on their industry knowledge, they can also provide warranties that back up the work they do!

Getting a qualified builder to build your patio is a no-brainer. Working with an expert simplifies the process: you tell the builder what you want, and they deliver!

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By Patioland Info | January 26, 2021 | Blog