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5 Patio Designs to Level up Your Home

5 Patio Designs to Level up Your Home

Patios provide such a great functional space. If designed properly they can offer a tranquil peaceful space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or if entertaining is more what you’re after, they make the perfect setting to host that family BBQ or neighbourhood get together with extended family and friends.

If your patio is looking a bit outdated and you want to make the most out of it, there’s a few simple steps that you can take to bring it to the next level. Here at Patioland we’ve been in the industry for over 35 years. We’ve designed and installed an extensive range of patios to suit all different types of purposes. To provide our valued customers with some inspiration, we’ve composed this handy list of design ideas so that they can bring their patios to their true potential.


A Simple Patio Design for Those Who Want f Small, Low-maintenance Space

Size isn’t everything, if you’re working with a limited space, with the right level of planning and strategic additions, you can turn the most concise of spaces into your own private getaway. When working in a small area the key is to not to overcomplicate things and make the most of what you have available.

You can create your own tranquil space for a morning coffee and newspaper, by furnishing your patio with a small round bistro table and chairs, and having a potted native plant species to add a splash of nature.

If walls enclose your backyard you can use them to install hanging lights and more importantly as support for a shading structure. The Shademaster roofing solution will provide long lasting protection to your patio, and is a great way of adding customisation and a further sense of personal style. With this shading solution you have full control over the roofing materials and systems, such as flat, pitched, gable or combination systems.

Further information on the Shademaster roofing solution can be found right here.


A Rustic Patio Design with Plenty of Charm and Character

If you’re after that rustic down to earth look, you can use a combination of features to create a patio that’s not only stylish but full of charm and character. A combination of a central fire pit and antique furniture, framed by classic timber decking and mood lighting will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time.

Start by creating a cosy gathering spot by incorporating a fire pit into your patio design. Rustic antique furniture either side of a warming fire pit will create a welcoming atmosphere to sit back and relax while roasting marshmallows.

You can create a further sense of ambience by stringing lights across your patio as a backup if the firepit is not on, and top it all off with some classic timber decking. Timber decking is a great way to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and can be designed to match the style and colour of your home.

Further information on timber decking can be found right here.


An Elegant Patio Design for Those Who Love To Entertain Guests Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like entertaining guests in your very own elegant dining area to be enjoyed at all times of the day.

Well with the right planning, the perfect elegant outdoor patio setting is only a few steps away.

Start by measuring the planned dining area, making sure there is sufficient space for a dining table and chairs, and there is ample space for comfortable movement around the table. A large elegant outdoor dining table set with white colouring and simple design will form the perfect focal point for your dining area.

Now you have the ideal setting you can include an outdoor kitchen and bar, so you are never too far away from your guests. There are various options available from modern grills to pizza ovens; the choice is totally up to you.

To complete your look and ensure your guests can continue to enjoy the festivities, don’t forget to provide them with protection through an insulated roofing solution. Shademaster insulated roofing panels are not only modern and slim in appearance but are made from durable materials providing valuable protection for years to come.

Further information on Shademaster insulated roofing panels can be found right here.


A Modern Patio Design That Makes a Statement

Nothing displays class and a sense of style quite like a slick modern patio. If you’re looking to make a statement with your design choices you can combine elements like a glass topped table, ambience lighting, and contemporary colours, all framed by a functional and modern opening roof to give your patio that Wow factor.

You can start making your patio contemporary through the use of grey and neutral colours throughout your setting, your foundation could be polished concrete or grey porcelain tiles, matched with grey shutters and doors. For furnishings, you can add a glass-topped table with finely woven chairs to create a sleek crisp contrast to the rest of your patio. You can then set the mood through the addition of modern table lamps to your patio table to make your dining experience more intimate and atmospheric.

Finally, to bring it all together and create that truly modern look, you can install an opening Louvred  roof system. Using this roofing solution that can transform the way you live and revolutionise your functional spaces.

Further information on Premium Quality Opening Roofs can be found right here.


A Whimsical Patio Design for Those Who Want Something Different

Did somebody say colour, with some creative ideas and an open mind, you can have something different and turn your patio into a kaleidoscope of creativity.

You can use greenery and colourful accessories to bring your creative ideas to life. Plants are an excellent way to create a beautiful atmosphere with mother nature providing a great backdrop. Vertical planting along your back wall, along with clever colourful container gardening scattered throughout your patio can create a beautiful and organic visual.

Once you have your setting, it’s all about the addition of colour. With comfort in mind you can place a cosy lounge space into your patio layout complete with deep seats for the family to relax on. 

You’re then free to create a sunshine vibe with colourful accessories like rugs, throw blankets, and cushions, the combination of bright colours can be used to both contrast and complement each other.

A patio offers a great functional space full of practical purposes that you’ll grow to love.

With the right level of planning, you can make the most of any space you have available and bring your patio to the next level.

Start by thinking about the intended purpose and type of ambience and style you would like to have, you can then think about what colours and additions like furniture, lighting and roofing to use that can complement and enhance your overall look.

If you have limited space available, you could go for a simpler patio design avoiding the clutter of impractical furniture. If you’re after a more rustic and down to earth look, a fire pit forms a central focal point and gathering area. For a more modern elegant look, you can place a greater emphasis on the type of dining furniture and entertainment add-ons that can be included. Finally, for a more creative look the emphasis on native flora and colourful add-ons cannot be underestimated. 

Remember no matter your setting the perfect way to provide further protection and create that perfect ambience is through the use of the right roofing solution, from insulated roofing panels to opening Louvred  roof systems, there’s a range of roofing solutions that can perfectly complement your look.

We hope these handy tips will have you on your way to creating your very own backyard retreat. 

If you’re looking for a bit more guidance and valued expertise about patio designs don’t hesitate to contact the experts here at Patioland. We can come to you and guide your patio project from start to finish, offering you practical professional solutions to bring your patio to the next level.

For any of your patio needs, why not contact us today.

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