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The Dos and Don’ts for Patios

The Dos and Don’ts for Patios

Building or designing a brand new patio for your home is an exciting time. You’ll soon have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy, and the value of your home will increase substantially. However, there are some important dos and don’ts to consider when you’re building and maintaining your first patio. Follow these set of clear cut rules to make all the difference in the quality of your new covered space.


  • Ensure you install your patio on a protected and aesthetically appealing side of your home:

You’ll want to enjoy a nice view and protection from the elements while you sit out on your new patio space.

  • Install your patio with easy access to your kitchen:

You will most likely be enjoying food and beverages on a regular basis out on your patio, and it’s important to be able to retrieve glasses, food, and cleaning supplies for spills.

  • Build a rectangular patio to suit circular furniture sets:

Circular patio furniture looks best on square or rectangular covered patios, and if you have the furniture chosen before the patio is finished, it’s important to keep this in mind.

  • Use low patio walls or curved stone pavings and plants to soften the sharp corners of a patio:

When you use gardening and decorating that creates a warm and inviting soft space, you’ll create a truly harmonious outdoor space to enjoy.

  • Look into installing an effective draining system:

If your outdoor patio doesn’t have a proper surface drainage system, algae build up is amongst the many issues that could result.



  • Install your patio in an open space without tree or fence coverage:

If you are not protected from winds and rains in some way, the availability of your patio will decrease substantially in the colder, wetter months.

  • Rush through the process of planning:

It’s important to take a number of factors into consideration when building your dream patio. What will it be used for, what shape will it be, and how much space do you need? These are all important questions to answer before you start the building process.

  • Ignore lighting requirements:

Ignoring reliable lighting options could render your patio useless or more expensive than it needs to be. Skipping research on lighting options could lead to costly repairs, energy-sucking fixtures, or a patio too dark to use.

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