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Why Do Australians Love Their Outdoor Spaces?

Why Do Australians Love Their Outdoor Spaces?

Australians are known for loving the outdoors. Many of us were raised in home with grassy backyards where sports and barbeques are common activities during the warmer days of the year. As the size of the average block shrinks, more creativity is required for maximising usable space in our homes.

Rather than having a traditional backyard, homeowners are revitalising and adding value to their home with innovative outdoor living areas. From pergolas to backyard covered patios, there are a range of options homeowners have when it comes to establishing an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.

The Prominence of Outdoor Entertaining

The Australian climate is ideal for outdoor entertaining, and while cities like Sydney have grown denser and become more urbanised, Aussies still enjoy being outdoors whenever possible and having quality outdoor spaces to enjoy in their homes. It makes sense when so many of us spend so much time indoors during work hours. According to the annual Adbri Masonry Great Australian Backyard survey, around 25 per cent of Australians spend seven or more hours a week in their backyard.

63 per cent of homeowners are planning new improvements or projects for their backyards. 32 per cent believe a good backyard is essential for adding value to their home. For most, putting time and effort into a good backyard isn’t just about increasing the value of their home but to create a nice space for them and their loved ones to enjoy.

What Kind of Changes are Most Common?

According to a survey run by Houzz Australia, over two thirds of homeowners have lawn. Half of those make changes to it during an outdoor renovation project. 22 per cent reducing the size and 10 per cent removing it all together. Common replacements include outdoor structures such as patio, decks and gazebos. Many homeowners replace or reduce their lawn do so to reduce maintenance while others want to establish an area that can be utilised all year round like a backyard covered patio.

Whenever there’s a renovation project, outdoor entertainment areas are a significant part of it. 86 per cent of homeowners update or introduce structures such as decks, pergolas, verandas and terraces while 41 per cent add barbecue areas. Drought tolerant gardens and fire pits are also common.

Want to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

While sunny weather is a common in Australia, we also have windy and rainy days. By adding an outdoor entertainment area that is covered, you can entertain all year round in all conditions. From insulated patio covers and backyard covered patios to sunrooms, Sydney & metropolitan area residents can count on our team to install quality outdoor entertaining facilities.

At Patioland in Sydney, we have a wide range of backyard coverage options available including outdoor covered patios and electric patio awnings. Call us or fill out our online enquiry form to learn more today.

By Patioland Info | September 1, 2019 | Interview