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Top 5 Creeping Vines for Decks and Patios

Top 5 Creeping Vines for Decks and Patios

One of the many great things about getting a deck or a patio installed in your backyard is that it creates vertical space for your garden. Your home can blend into the natural surroundings with the choice of a plethora of creeping vines and climbing plants. There are so many varieties to choose from that it can be overwhelming to know where to start, but here are five of our favourites:


There are many kinds of Wisteria and they’re all native to Asia. This beautifully scented vine is well known for its beautiful, drooping bunches of flowers, usually a joyful purple colour. The Wisteria is also a decidedly hardy plant, so even the least skilled gardener is unlikely to accidently kill it! Additionally, they grow very quickly and can get to be as long as thirty feet. With their big floral displays, they can be quite heavy, so if you’re growing Wisteria, you’ll want to have it climb on something sturdy.


The orange flowering Nasturtium, which can climb, is a wonderful and versatile plant. It looks beautiful, it’s edible (try it in a salad) and has many other perks, too. For one, it grows really well in poor soil and can actually produce more flowers there than it would in good soil.

Ornamental Grape

The Ornamental Grape is just like the type we use to make wine, but this vine is strictly ornamental. The beautiful big green leaves, however, are a feast for the eyes. They will turn lovely orange and red colours in Autumn.


This climber, native to South America, grows very quickly indeed and adores the Australian heat. It is perfect for those who desire prompt, bright, bushy coverage. Comes in several colours, but best known for a bright pink. Regular fertilization is advised if you’re after the best results.

Winter Jasmine

This plant is highly prized, as one of the few species which flowers in Winter months. Subtle, star shaped, and native to Asia, the addition of Winter Jasmine to a collection of climbers will help you to have blooms all year round.

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