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How UV Rays Will Ruin Your Furniture

How UV Rays Will Ruin Your Furniture

We’re all well aware of how UV rays can damage our skin, but you might not have thought as much about how they can ruin your outdoor furniture. Ultraviolet radiation can wreak havoc on your expensive and/or beloved couches, tables, and chairs. Here’s what you need to know about the harsh light of the sun, how it pertains to your outdoor lifestyle accessories, and what you can do to save yourself some bother in the long run.

What Are UV Rays?

Everybody knows to be careful of UV rays, but some of us might need a refresher of what they actually are. Ultraviolet is a band of the electromagnetic spectrum that encompasses waves which have a shorter wavelength than visible light.

What Damage Can UV Rays Do?

UV rays can be harmful to human beings and are the leading cause of skin cancer. They can also damage inanimate objects. UV degradation affects plastics exposed to sunlight and can result in loss of strength, disintegration, fading, discoloration and cracking. Many different pigments and dyes change colour when they absorb ultraviolet rays, which is why furniture starts to look old and haggard quickly if you leave it out in the direct sunlight.

How Can You Protect Your Outdoor Furniture?

There are a few ways we protect ourselves from UV rays, but most of them don’t work for outdoor furniture. One wouldn’t recommend, for example, smearing sun cream on a wicker chair, or putting a legionnaire’s cap on a paddling pool. One thing, however, works for both people and the furniture they sit on: shade.

An outdoor covered patio, or a pergola, can be vital for an Australian back garden. The mighty sun fires off especially harsh rays at those of us who live down under. A bit of shade can make all the difference, for you, your guests, and your outdoor furniture. Outdoor tables, chairs, play equipment and ornaments will last far longer (and look far better) if there’s shade overhead.

Need to Protect Yourself Against UV Rays?

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