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How to Host a Great Party in your Outdoor Entertainment Area

How to Host a Great Party in your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Hosting a great outdoor party is a must during Sydney’s summer months, and with your fantastic outdoor entertainment space, you can make that happen. You’ve got the space and the guest list; now you just need a checklist to make sure your party is one to remember. Check out the one below to host the party of the summer.


Have Enough Seating

Make sure your outdoor entertainment area is stocked with stylish, comfortable seating for all of your guests. Whether you invest in some nice deck chairs, an outdoor sofa, a swing, or a combination of it all, make sure your guests have somewhere to sit and socialise.


Light it Up

Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to the perfect outdoor party. Lighting up your patio is easy, and there are several solar lighting options for pergolas and other backyard spaces.



Make the space look great with decorations galore. Whether you have plants, creative lighting, or let your stylish pergola/patio do most of the work for you, it’s important to ensure the space looks warm, inviting, and fun.

Keep the Bugs Away

There are numerous options for keeping bugs away from your guests and food. Plug in fans, light candles, offer guests insect repellent, and do whatever you need to ensure your outdoor space is guest friendly, not pest friendly.



Don’t be afraid to compare your potential patio builder with other local companies and builders. Just be careful when you draw these comparisons. Compare patio builders to patio builders and ensure their project availability lines up. Comparing patio builders to other builders won’t be an accurate reflection of how your potential patio builder holds up against the competition. It’s important to compare apples to apples if you’re looking for accuracy.


Keep the Kids Happy

The great thing about an outdoor party is that it leaves room to entertain the kids while the adults mingle on your patio or covered outdoor space. You can entertain the kids outside with water sprinklers and sports equipment if it’s during the day, or open up a games/movie space in the house if it’s at night.


Keep it Cool

Australian summers are not always kind, and finding a way to battle the heat can be tricky in a party setting. Mix up some frozen cocktails, offer handheld fans to guests, or make your own cold compresses with a bucket of ice water and colourful washcloths.


Serve Weather-friendly Food

If the sunny and clear weather isn’t looking like it will last the duration of your party, be sure to serve food that is easy to pack up and will survive potential rain and wind. Nuts, cheeses, and fruits are all great options, and when served on platters that are easy to pack up and take inside, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Call Patioland for Your Party Patio

Wanting to host an outstanding summer party, but lack the patio or pergola to make it happen? At Patioland, we have plenty of options available that can be installed quickly and affordably. Call us on 02 9831 3899 or fill out our online enquiry form today.

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