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Why Are Some Pergolas Uncomfortably Hot?

Why Are Some Pergolas Uncomfortably Hot?

Adding a pergola to your home is an excellent way of establishing an additional outdoor space for relaxing, dining and entertaining. They are easy to build and inexpensive compared to backyard covered patios. Pergolas also come in many different styles, materials and colours, allowing you to choose a unique design to suit your space and taste.

The only problem is that when the weather starts heating up, it can be too hot to hang out in your pergola. However, there are a number of ways you can ventilate and cool down the space so you can enjoy it during summer without getting too hot.


Install Roofing

If creeping plants and vines aren’t a practical or preferable option for you, your next option is to install a roof. Just like a patio cover, roofing on pergolas can come in a variety of materials and styles from Colorbond metal roofing to polythene, fabrics and even leather.

Others want to let some sunlight in but reduce the amount of heat and keep UV rays out. This is possible by using polycarbonate roofing sheets. At Patioland, we install Shademaster pergola covers, which have steel sheeting as well as clear panels that block out all UV rays while letting in light.



Some of these roofing options may stop sunlight but it may still get too hot underneath them. Adding insulation or ventilation features can help. This includes timber slats and vented ridges which allow more air to circulate between the pergola interior and the outside environment.

An easier option is to opt for a roofing solution that stays cool. The Shademaster, for example, has steel slates that are double sided and have a gloss painted finish that blocks heat from passing through, ensuring the space underneath stays cooler. The finish coat is based on a polyester-resin system designed for superior exterior durability and flexibility, ensuring the sheeting is also long-lasting.


Interested in a High-Quality Cover for Your Pergola?

There is a multitude of benefits to adding a cover to your pergola. If you’re ready to look into getting a pergola cover, get in touch with our team. At Patioland in Sydney & metropolitan area, we have a wide range of pergolas and other backyard coverage options available including outdoor covered patios and electric patio awnings. Call us on 02 9831 3899 or fill out our online enquiry form to learn more today.

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