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Why Our Patios Can Withstand A Test Of Time

Why Our Patios Can Withstand A Test Of Time

Patios have become a quintessential part of Australian leisure time. They add beauty, visual appeal, and provide an appealing environment to be enjoyed by the whole family.

When it comes time to designing or improving your current outdoor living space, it’s important to first do your research and take into consideration a variety of factors that will help to ensure you select a patio that is capable of standing the test of time.

Here at Patioland we have over 35 years of experience in the industry, with a proven track record of designing and installing durable award winning patios to suit a range of environments. We’ve composed this handy guide to help you navigate and know exactly what factors to look out for in finding a high quality long lasting patio.


Materials We Use To Build Your Patio

The quality of materials used in the construction of patios, make a big difference in the overall longevity and useful life of the finished product. You need to be wary of lookalike cheaper imported brands, that may initially seem appealing with a cheaper price, but will actually end up with increased maintenance and replacement costs in the long term.

Here at Patioland we pride ourselves in only utilizing quality Australian made materials that have been specifically made to stand up to tough Australian conditions. All of our materials suppliers provide manufacturer guarantees of up to 15 years.

We specialise in working with Aluminium, this material provides the ultimate level of protection being corrosive resistant and will not rust. This feature is particularly useful for coastal and wet area environments.

If you’re after a timber finish, we can also provide a range of alternative products which have a wooden finish, but with a longer life span and without the high maintenance costs associated with other inferior products.


Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Business

The construction of a long lasting patio requires not only the use of quality materials, but the work needs to be undertaken by a business with all the relevant certifications, proven experience, and in-built quality control measures.

Here at Patioland we have over 35 years of experience in the industry. We’ve set up our business to offer a professional comprehensive service giving our customers complete peace of mind.

Below is a listing of some of the warranties and guarantees we offer as part of our end to end service:

• Six Years Structural Warranty By-Law (HIA Guidelines)
• Up to 15 Years Manufacturer Warranty
• Workers Compensation / Fully Insured / CAD Drawing Plans / Council Plans & Approvals all done by our team
• Public Warranty / Home Owners Warranty Insurance for work above $20K

Being so long in the industry, we have set up all the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure we abide by all relevant regulations and look after our customers throughout every stage of the building process.


Our Workmanship Is Second To None

Here at Patioland, in order to ensure that each product we deliver is only of the highest quality and accurately meets our customers expectations, we have set up our business around a few core principles.


High Aesthetics

All of our products have been carefully designed to take into account a range of aesthetic considerations. Whether you want your patio to be modern looking or more rustic in nature, we’ll work with you to find a product that meets your particular style preference.


Suitable Materials for Australian Conditions

We not only use materials that look great, but that have been made to stand up to the tough Australian climate. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built patios all across Sydney, so we know what materials are best suited to a particular environment. If you live in a bushfire prone area, or are susceptible to high winds, we know exactly the type of materials to use in such scenarios.


Extensive Training Program

We only hire qualified full time builders, and all of our new hires go through weeks of rigorous training with our site supervisors. This ensures that only appropriate materials are used, proper procedures are adhered to, and manufacturer specifications are covered, guaranteeing work is carried out in the Patioland Way!

The combination of these core principles results in an excellent blend of appealing aesthetics and high construction workmanship.

With luxury and relaxation in mind, a patio provides a comfortable outdoor space to be enjoyed by the whole family. However in order to ensure that your patio will stand the test of time, it’s important to make sure any prospective patio provider incorporates a number of key principles as a part of the building process.

Make sure that the patio provider uses Australian made materials that are able to stand up to the tough Australian climate, has a comprehensive list of industry specific qualifications and guarantees, and that their work has gone through a thorough quality control process.

Here at Patioland we tick all the right boxes. We only use quality materials that have been specifically designed to withstand the Australian climate, offer a professional comprehensive service with all relevant industry qualifications and adherence to regulations, and have set up our business to deliver outstanding workmanship through an extensive quality control program.

We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and are uniquely positioned to look after you throughout the entire building journey providing you with complete piece of mind.


For any of your patio needs, why not contact us today.

By Patioland Info | October 20, 2021 | Blog