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5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Building Commercial Patios

5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Building Commercial Patios

In today’s competitive world, it’s important to find a way to maximise your opportunities and stand out from your competitors.

A cost effective way to make the most out of your existing property is through the installation of a commercial patio. As you’ll see from this blog, this provides a range of practical and long term benefits that will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it earlier.

Here at Patioland we are an experienced Roofing solution provider who have an extensive industry in commercial patios. We have a proven history of successfully designing and installing commercial patios in a range of environments and have seen what a difference they can make. We’ve composed this blog to give you a better idea of the benefits a commercial patio can provide and how they can apply to your particular business.


Durability and Useability of a Fixed Structure

Coverage for an outdoor usable area falls into two basic categories: fixed-framed structures and retractable awnings. When assessing between the two, it’s important to take into consideration not only cost but also the durability and the level of protection each is able to provide.

When it comes to durability, fixed frame structures have a clear advantage. They are built to last and are made from high quality building materials. On the other hand retractable awnings can be vulnerable to moisture damage, mold and mildew growth, stains, and tears.

From a useability perspective, awnings are not designed to handle high wind loads and must be retracted quickly when conditions deteriorate. On the other hand, with their rigid, floor-anchored frames and substantial roofs, fixed framed structures can withstand tough weather conditions far better than awnings.


Provide Protection

Having an outdoor space sounds like a great idea, until you start factoring in the scorching sunlight and heavy rainfall that we can sometimes experience. Luckily, this is where the installation of a commercial patio will keep your customers and staff protected, regardless of the weather conditions. 

A commercial patio offers year round protection for intermittent weather, allowing your customers and staff to enjoy the weather without actually being directly under the elements. Further, when a patio has been fully enclosed, this will provide additional protection not only from blowing rain, but also from bugs, glair, and any other airborne irritants.

Additionally the provision of a protected outdoor environment increases the overall ventilation in your property. This is an important consideration to take into account particularly in the current health climate we’re operating under.


Expand Your Floor Space

A convenient and cost-efficient way to meet any increasing demand in your business is to enclose your outdoor space. Building a commercial patio isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s much less expensive when compared to adding additional indoor space.

A commercial patio will give you the seating flexibility to expand your seating area to accommodate more guests, and even manage high wait times, with minimal overhead expenditure.

Increasing your flooring space and providing a protected comfortable environment, will enable your customers to spend more time and ultimately more money in your establishment.


Increase Your Return on Investment

The installation of a commercial patio is a solid way of increasing your return on investment through increased revenue and lower maintenance costs.

With the creation of an environment offering all-weather protection, your customers now have protection from sun during the daytime, warmth from the cold during the night-time, and protection from the rain at any time. Your business now has the ability to operate with extended trading hours, allowing you to access an increased revenue channel.

When assessing the initial dollar outlay, it’s important to consider all long term implications.

Be wary of cheaper products which may look great for the first couple of months but can deteriorate soon afterwards. With a commercial patio you might spend more at first, but your overall returns will be better in the long term with reduced maintenance and replacement costs.


Add Value to Your Commercial Property

The value of your property is largely dependent on its building structure and location. A great way to drive up the value is by creating a beautiful and functional outdoor area, through the installation of a commercial patio.

Whether you’re an owner / occupier or a landlord, the installation of a commercial patio creates a viable low maintenance functional space, providing access to a larger customer base. It also provides a point of difference from other similar properties who may not offer this feature in a commercial environment.

Transforming a commercial property’s outdoor space through the installation of a well designed commercial patio, is an effective way to breathe new life into a business. Through the durability of a fixed structure, a commercial patio provides all weather protection to its customers, and increases a business’s functional floor space.

While it requires an initial investment, this is far outweighed by the range of long term benefits it provides through; access to increased revenue channels, lower maintenance costs, and an increased valuation of your property. When assessing your patio options, it’s important that you first check with your council what particular building regulations might apply and that you engage the services of an experienced patio builder. 

Here at Patioland with over 35 years of experience in the industry, we specialise in designing and installing a range of attractive and functional patios to suit a range of commercial environments.

We’ll come to you to assess your particular circumstances and work together to find a solution that best fits your commercial needs.

For any of your commercial patio needs, why not contact us today.

By Patioland Info | November 11, 2021 | Blog